Why is the kitchen counter so clean?

Now what kind of a question is that?

My oldest asked me to please find the lid to the blender. It was at the bottom of the dish drainer, with a whole bunch of other stuff just sitting there waiting for someone to put away…which I did. And then I saw how dirty the drain board was, so I put it in the sink so I could scrub it. Under that, I saw how dirty the counter was, because how often do you move the drain board, anyway? As I scrubbed the counter, the circles got wider, more useless objects were removed, more dirt revealed itself… Wow! That looks great – let’s not put any of those cluttery things back out, let’s find an actual place to put them away! What a novel idea – you don’t have to have everything out in full view at all times.

My husband was pleased. I have “permission” to do this to the whole house – LOL! I’m wondering just exactly how long that will take, considering I still have 5 pairs of mittens to finish knitting; a Super Mario Brothers mushroom afghan to crochet; several other scrap blankets in the workings; a newsletter to print, fold, stuff, and mail; oh yeah, and the trip to Canada to plan…..

I lost a sock needle yesterday, so I made a new one out of a skewer. Just saying.


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